Due to numerous requests, all fanfiction covers are linked to their stories. Please note that some of these stories may not be completed.

25 September 2022...Hard to believe that been almost two years since I've updated this website. So much has happened durning this time, like Covid, Real life plus I needed a break from Photoshop (PS). I now have a new iMac but my PS is not compatible. I was aware that this would happen, so I'm keeping my old one for the time being, but things don't work as they use to. (mutter mutter mutter)
Recently I had a play around and did a poster graphic of Supergirl for the Supercorp fandom which I'm a fan. Although it's not a fan fiction cover, I've put it under covers, gallery 21 with the XWP posters. Supercorp poster
Enjoy Calli

2 December 2020... What a sucky year 2020 has been! I'm not going to dwell on the pandemic, but I hope all is well wherever you are in this crazy world, Please remain vigilant and be safe and well.
It’s been a long, long time since I did any sort of update, or any Xena fan art to tell the truth. However, the wonderful MaryD asked me if I would like to do the cover for Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World, 25th Anniversary Edition, plus a montage for the Fan-fiction section. How could I refuse! 😊 Xena has been a huge part of my life for 20 + years and I was thrilled to be part of this fabulous book. For the cover, we used Lucia’s art and MaryD and I played around with the layout design and what font to use. All fun and games 😀 For the fanfic graphic, I used some if the manipulations that I had created over the years and this is the final product which is in the book. fanfic book montage and here is another that I was playing around with at the time, which is similar in format, but never used unused montage
Enjoy Calli.

28 July 2018... Almost a year has passed since my last update...again! I've finally played around in PS and was inspired by the new series 'Killing Eve' which is one of the best show I've seen in a long time. Killing Eve
Enjoy Calli.

20 September 2017... Almost a year has passed since my last update and I have no idea where the time has gone. Not sure if anyone visits anymore, but just incase, I've just uploaded two new posters xenaposter1-2017 and xenaposter2-2017 Enjoy. Calli :)

27 November 2016... Hi all, and a very happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate :)
A new wallaper for a great show Supergirl. I couldn't decided on colour, so uploaded both. Supergirl
Enjoy Calli.

18 September 2016...It's been a long time since my last update, but this weekend I felt the urge to play. Just uploaded a new wallpaper of Xena. Xena Warrior Princess
Enjoy Calli.

5 January 2016...Happy holidays to all, and best wishes for a great and safe 2016.
It's been almost a year since my last update, but that's real life for you. It has been a hectic year and 2016 will be just as mad, but it's holiday time and I've been playing around. Hope you like this one. No story, unless there is a bard out there that wants to take it on :) Whatever It Takes
Enjoy Calli.

Love Deities in Greek Mythology. A very informative website about the Greeks Love Gods. Calli :)

23 January 2015...A new link has been added to the website. Love Deities in Greek Mythology. A very informative website about the Greeks Love Gods. Calli :)

6 December 2014...Not long now for Christmas and summer holiday. Really looking forward to the break! A new poster uploaded. Xena Poster 2014 Enjoy and a very Merry Christmas to you all. Calli :)

21 April 2014...It's been a while since my last update but firstly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter with peace, joy, and lots and lots of yummy Easter eggs :) Just to top the day off, here's a new fantasy wallpaper for you. No story for this one (again) but hope you enjoy it anyway. Another Time. Another Place
Enjoy Calli.

21 April 2014...It's been a while since my last update but firstly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter with peace, joy, and lots and lots of yummy Easter eggs :) Just to top the day off, here's a new fantasy wallpaper for you. No story for this one (again) but hope you enjoy it anyway. Another Time. Another Place
Enjoy Calli.

21 February 2014...I've just finished a new cover which I hope you like. The only problem is that the story hasn't been written yet, so sorry about that! It's not what I normal do, but made an exception in this case. I will add the link as soon as soon as I am advised. So, all I can say is, enjoy the cover of what is to come. The Speakeasy by Strange1. Calli :)

2 January 2014...Happy New Year to one and all and I hope 2014 will make all your wishes and dreams come true :)
Where is the time going! It's just flying by and I wish it would slow down, for a bit at least. I'm on my Christmas break so had a little time for a new fantasy wallpaper. There's no story to this, but maybe a bard might find some inspiration. Apocalypse
Enjoy Calli.

I had a very nice Christmas much! I am now wali:Spring is in the air and I'm hoping for a great summer. es, I'm still around and have a new cover for you all. A Queen's Tale by Missy Good. Enjoy Calli.

28 October 2013...Spring is in the air and I'm hoping for a great summer. Yes, I'm still around and have a new cover for you all. A Queen's Tale by Missy Good. Enjoy Calli.

30 June 2013...We are well and truly into winter and last week we had our first falling of snow, but today was cold with blue clear skies. These winter days I like :)
Anyhoo...I've finally finished a new fantasy wallpaper. Zombies seem to be the latest craze, so many thanks to The Walking Dead for the use of images and no infringment towards copyright is intended. The Living Dead

2 March 2013...We are now into Autumn and the nights and mornings are darker and cooler. Not looking forward to it as our summer has been the best we've had in a long time, and now they say that we could have a colder winter. Brrr... Anyhoo, I have just finished another wallpaper for you Xena
I hope you like it. Calli.

12 February 2013...Here we are, well into 2013 and I don't know where the time is going, but it going to quick for my liking ;)
I've put together a new poster and hope you like it. It is not based on any episodes, or any story out there. Xena Warrior Princess poster 2013 Enjoy Calli.

10 September 2012...I haven't done one of these in a very long time, but finally a new fanfiction cover. After The Storm by Wendy Arthur. Enjoy Calli.

10 September 2012...Another update. This is a poster I've just put together. The image of Xena is a favorite of mine and I've used it a few times, so I just added the body and a little blood. For Gabrielle it was a mixture of at least three or four different images and I think she looks great ;) XENA Calli.

20 August 2012...I hope this finds you all well. What a year it's been and it'll be Christmas before we know it ;)
Thanks all for hanging around and hope this was worth the wait. A new wallpaper called The Crusade
I hope you like it and you can now find CallisCreations Graphic Art on Facebook. Calli

1 January 2012...It's been ages since I last updated my site, but with real life and all the earthquakes, it has been hectic. We are still getting quakes and wish they would stop. We thought that after six months of relative quiet that it was time to move on and start rebuilding our city, but on the 23rd December we had four large quakes. Puts us back to square one. Lives changed forever. Our city central has been cordoned off since the Feb quake as buildings are still coming down. We might be back in this April all going well. Anyway enough of that. This new wallpaper is The Women of Spartacus I hope you like it. My best wishes to you all for a happy and safe 2012. Calli

1 September 2011...Xena-Immortal is the French Fans Community of the show "Xena Warrior Princess"

Click on the banner to go to Xena-Immortal

Click on the banner to go to Xena-Immortal's Website and show support our European Xenites.

Xena-Immortal: The French Xena Fan Club are planning to organize a Xena Convention in Europe. But to do so, they need support from all the Fans. Lots of European Fans are hoping for a Xena Convention to be held in Europe someday. Not everybody has the financial means to go to the USA to attend Official Conventions of the show, organised by Creationent. Moreover, the next Official Xena Convention, will be held at the end of January 2012 and it will be the last Official Convention ever. It's a sad news because each year, Fans from all over the world were used to go to this event. So, instead of waiting and hoping for someone to make our dream come true someday, we have decided to make it! With the Fan Club, we are planning to organize a Xena Convention in Europe and most precisely in France. Like the other organisations, before starting to work on such a project, we would like to know if a Xena Convention in Europe can be possible. That's why we published a poll on the forum where the Fans vote to tell us if they're sure or not of taking part in this event organised by ourselves. I invite you to judge by yourself the passion of the Xenites for the show "Xena Warrior Princess", on our website and forum.

Website: www.xena-immortal.com Forum: www.xena-immortal.forumactif.com

15 August 2011...A polar blast has hit NZ and I am home from work...happy dance ;) Four links have been fixed and these are for the stories: These Dreams (Gallary two), Corporate Raider (Four) First Light (nine) and The Vampire Hunter (13). Many thanks to Katherine for the links.

9 August 2011... I didn't expect to have an update ready for quite sometime, but things can change in an instant ;) This TV series is not shown here right now, but hopefully will be in the near future. Just playing around and put together a poster for the series. Rizzoli & Isles Calli.

22 July 2011...What a year it has been! Still getting aftershocks, but I prefer to call them EARTHQUAKES!!! We were woken by another this morning at 5.38. It was a 5.1 magnitude and so it continues. I have uploaded two covers for Missy's 'A Queen For All Seasons' as I did two Xena images and couldn't decide which I like best, so thought I would share them both. I really don't know if or when there will be another update, so enjoy.
A Queen For All Seasons and A Queen For All Seasons 2 Calli.

9 January 2011...It's been a long time since I've had time to do an cover. This one is for Missy's new story called Partners Partners Enjoy Calli.

22 October 2010...Another BIG thank you this time to Katherine who has done a huge job and found new links to some stories and advised of others where the stories are no longer available. I've updated all gallaries and hope I haven't missed any.

16 October 2010...Thank you to moon32 for sending me a link to The Light and the Darkness by Redhope. The story can be found in Gallery three. Good grief! I can't believe that his cover is ten years old. Where has that time gone!!!
Just a quick update on the earthquake. Six weeks on and we are still getting aftershocks and to date we have had 1895 total. Some are small but others are 5 plus. Wish they would stop. Take care everyone and be safe where ever you may be in the crazy world ;o)

6 September 2010...Awoke 4th September at 4.35am by a massive earthquake. This was the second largest in NZ since the one in Napier in 1931 which was 7.8. Over two hundred people were killed then. This baby was 7.1 and an absolute miracle that nobody was killed. It was terrifying and we are continuing to be rocked by aftershocks and sleep does not come easy. My family are all fine and my home was fortunatey untouched, but my sister and brother-in-law's home did not fair as well and will have to be demolished as will hundreds of thousands of others. Our central city has been cordoned off and the police,the army and civil defense are doing a wonderful job! I have been in contact with MaryD and I want to thank her and everyone for their kind wishes. There are going to be some hard times ahead but we will get there. Calli

10 July 2010...The link to 'At Charon's Dock' by Kate in Gallery one has been fixed thanks again to Watcheronea. Calli

10 July 2010...Excellent news that the rumor circulating about Christina "Roo" Toups having died has been cleared up and all is well in the Xenaverse ;o) I would like to thank Watcheronea for supplying the link to the story 'A Symphony of Life" in gallery 11. This link has been fixed. Calli

13 June 2010...Two updates today! Firstly the link to the story The Nearest Distant Shore by Little Mac (gallery 13)has been fixed and there is a new cover for the Mel and Janice story Slowburn. The original cover can be found in gallery 10. This is a remake cover requested by the bard Christina Toups, better known as Roo. The story is the process of being re-written. Slow Burn Enjoy and remember to feed the bards. Calli.

6 April 2010...A very Happy Easter and hope you all had a happy and safe holiday ;) I still haven't seen Spartacus but I have been reading the updates and episode reviews on AUSXIP. Had a spare moment so put together a couple of wallpaper/montages. One of Lucretia and the other is BatiatusLucretia and Batiatus Enjoy Calli.

3 January 2010...Surprise, surprise! Yes, I'm still on holiday, so here is the first update for 2010! This is for the fans of 'Otalia' (Gliding Light). 'Venice' is a new web series set based in Venice Beach, California starring Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia Venice Enjoy Calli.

29 December 2009...As I'm on holiday and as I don't have any cover work for the moment, I've had the opportunity to put something together for Spartacus: Blood and Sand I had so much fun with this as the costumes are fantastic! I don't know if we will get to see this series in New Zealand, but I've got everything crossed. As usual there is larger version available. All photos used in the making of this poster are the property of Starz Entertainment, LLC and no infringment is intended. Many thanks to MaryD and AUSXIP for all the wonderful work she does and for the use of images. I trust everyone had a safe and happy holiday, so bring on 2010! Calli.

24 December 2009...Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Chrismas. For those that don't celebrate have a wonderful day anyway ;) Best wishes for a great and safe 2010. There has been a definate lack of updates and hopefully I may have something soon. Thank you for continuing to visit. Calli.

27 April 2009...You may or may not have been aware, but the site was hacked a few days ago. MaryD announced this on AUSXIP and mine was one of the unlucky ones, but the good news is that it is now fixed and back on-line. Just a heads up about a Spanish TV show called Los Hombres de Paco which has a very UBER couple called Pepa and Silvia. Pepa is a cop and Silvia is in Forensics. It's in Spanish but the show is getting quite an international following. Check out Afterellenand you can also download the clips in order with English subtitles on youtube Anyhoo....this is a wallpaper of Marian Aguilera who plays Silvia. Enjoy Calli.

6 January2009...I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe holiday period. For the first update for 2009, what better way to start but with a new fanfiction cover. This came about when I posted the latest wallpaper called Conquer. A fellow xenite brought this story to my attention and I am glad they did! This is a wonderfully written story and I was inspired. Please read the warnings before reading as it is quite brutal, but an excellent read. The story in question is Pretium Silenti (The Price Of Silence) by Spyrel. As usual there is larger version available. Please remember to feed the bards. Enjoy

17 December 2008...Christmas is just around the corner, so I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for a safe and happy 2009. Another wallpaper/fantasy to end the year. This one is called Conquer

29th November 2008...The addy for The Legend of Ann Bounty has been updated. You can find the story and others at Ann Bounty Website. Many thanks to Anita for news.

16th November 2008...I am saddened at the loss of another wonderful Bard and Xenite. Christine Toups, Roo, author of Sleeping With the Enemy, Home Fires, and the unfinished Slow Burn, passed away earlier this year. Her name has been added to the Xenaverse Memorial on AUSXIP.

26th october 2008...I'm have been given an award for the cover design for Hard Times by Blayne Cooper. It was voted as being one of the top five covers in the recent Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Book Cover Awards. Many thanks to all who voted for Hard Times. It is really nice to be recognized in this way. To view the award please go to Whats New at CalliGraphics

4 October 2008.... the link to the larger cover version of The Match Making Festival by filfil has been fixed.

24 September 2008...Sorry for the lack of updates but it's the same old reason, no free time. But I am between work at present and a friend ask if I could make an alteration to this image, so this is what I came up with. It is a new XWP subtext graphic. Fanfic Dreams There is a larger version available also. Enjoy!

15 July 2008...it's with deep sadness that I have heard of the passing of a wonderful bard and Xenite, Queenfor4. Her story Snowbound remains a favorite. My thoughts and prayers are for her and her family at this time. Her name has been added to the Xenaverse Memorial on AUSXIP.

1 June 2008...Finally an update! Many thanks for the loan of images from the movie King Arthur for this new fantasy wallpaper Elfin

3 May 2008...It's been a long time since I've had time to play in Photoshop. Real life is keeping me busy, so sorry for the lack of updates. I do want to mention though that there is a book out called 'Choices' by Anita Louise and she is hopes to raise money for a charity The International Xena Warrior Princess Fan Club will pick. Louise is president of the TIXWPFC and this is her website Anita-Louise where you can get information of the book.

Choices: From Los Angeles, California to the White Mountains of Arizona, Choices, will take the reader on a journey into a world set in 1989 and early 1900's. Discover the strong bond of friendship and lasting love. Travel through the light happy to the dark side of life, every step you take with Pam Brooks will be one of discovery filled with excitement and more.

While your there, check out her on-line stories as well. Her latest story is called Vanishing which is beginning a new Skylar Richmond, Bobie Parker story called, Vanishing, it is posted there. Global Investigations

29 January 2008...Here's the first new fanfic cover for 2008, This is a story in progress, but I am eagerly waiting the next update. This is Drifter by D. Enjoy and remember to feed the bards

27 December... The links have been fixed to the VirtualSeason wallpapers. The wallpaper size (800x600)versions are now available.

20 December... What better way to finish of 2007, but with a new fanfiction cover. As ususal there is a larger version available if you wish. I hope you like it and please remember that this is my depiction of the characters. It wasn't easy at all to find images of people I could see as the characters of Cynthia Stuart and Alastair. I thought about not including them, but as they are playing a big part in the story so far, I though I should. Anyway feel free to visulise your own So here is Storm Surge by Missy Good. This is a story in progress

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful time and best wishes for a happy and safe 2008. Enjoy and remember to feed the bards

22 October... A new wallpaper/montage of Renee from the Chicago Convention 2007. I saw these photos on Ausxip and just loved the big old grin , so I put these few together. I want to personal acknowledge and thank the photographer Amazonmine and hope she doesn't mine me using her wonderful photos. Renee Chicago Con 2007.

23 September...This is for those Bad Girls fans. Simone Lahbib, aka Helen Stewart. Simone Lahbib This is the link to to the Simone Lahbib fan site at ausxip

16 September...Here is the latest fanfiction cover. It's for Kara's Moon by Gerri Hill. If Lucy decided to cut her hair, I wouldn't mind at all :o) Enjoy and remember to feed the bards ;0)

10 July...for all the subtext fans out there, here is a new subtext graphic. No Need For Words Enjoy!

1 July...A new fanfiction for the start of the month.

I'm a great fan of L J Maas and as with many, I was sadden by her untimely death. She gave me help and guidence with photoshop and showed me a trick or two and for that I'm forever grateful. This is for LJ. Tumbleweed Fever by L J Maas.

12 June 2007...A new wallpaper. This one is a montage of Renee from the movie Ghost Town. Ghost Town

2 May 2007...Things have been quiet for the last couple of weeks so I have had time for a new cover. This is The Matchmaking Festival by filfil. Enjoy and remember to feed the bards :)

13 April 2007...It's been a few months since my last update. I am still around *smile* just finding time is the problem, but enough of that and on with the update! Here is another Uber fantasy wallpaper I recently put together Uber Cavalier Many thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean for the loan of the costumes. I hope you like it! Enjoy.

1st January 2007...I hope you've all have had a great holiday break, and best wishes for a wonderful and safe 2007.
It's been a while, but here is a new fanfic cover to start the new year off with. This is Extension 147 by Jynaki.
A friend has also tweaked the website a little. Nothing too drastic, but it's all the little things that improve everything else overall ;) Calli's Creations now has a domain name - http//www.calliscreations.com, so please update your bookmarks accordingly. Enjoy.

The other news is that Calli's Creations is coming under the umbrella of the AUSXIP Network - this doesn't mean any major changes to the website or me updating it but it does mean you can now access the site from AUSXIP'S main page.

18th October 2006...A few months have passed since my last update! Real life is busy with other priorites having to come first as usual, but the other night I decided to make some time, so here is a new wallpaper. This is a Uber fantasy wallpaper, so hope you like Wagons Ho Enjoy.

28th May 2006...Added a new link to Xena Fan Films Limited, a company run by a Czech group of Xenites who have completed two Xena-based movies which can be download. A third is in production. Click on the banner to go to the website.

3rd May 2006...It's been a while since I have had time to do any fanfic covers, or any other graphics. Real life and other priorites seem to take up most of my time nowdays, but at long last I have a new graphic for you. This is a new fanfic cover for a Wonder Woman and XWP crossover story called Brave New World by D. I hope you like! Enjoy.

11th January 2006...Here is the first update for the new year. This cover is for an original fiction, therefore this cover art is my interpretation only and not to be confused with the original and official book cover. This is for Passions Bright Fury by Radclyffe. Enjoy.

11th December... Christmas is almost upon us, so this will probably be the last update for 2005, therefore I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year. Now for the update! This new cover is for IDITAROD by D. Jordan Redhawk. Enjoy

3rd November...Two updates. Firstly, I was very happy to be asked to do a montage of Renee for the 2005 Bardcon program Renee Bardcon 2005. Secondly a new cover. This is an original Uber therefore, this fanfic cover is an 'Art' cover only and is my interpretation. It is not to be confused with the original and official book cover, which has been published.Galveston 1900: Swept Away By Linda Crist. Enjoy.

30th October...The Xenaverse has been delt a great blow today. It saddens me to advise, that LJ Maas, author, artist and teacher passed away, after suffering a massive stroke. Please keep her in your prayers. A great loss and taken too soon!

3rd October...it's been a while since I had an update. No fanfiction cover today, but two subtext posters instead. Nothing too fancy, just replacing Area and Joxer. The first is Poster 1 and Poster 2 Enjoy!

17 July...It's been a while since I've had the motiviation and the free time to work on a new graphic. I had been working on one, but it just wasn't working for me, so I had to scrub it. At long last, a new cover. This was a request for Heart's Choice by Lois Kay. Enjoy

10th May...I new cover just recently uploaded. This is for Champion by Melissa Good. A larger version also available. Enjoy

13th April...Here is the latest cover. This is for an excellent sci-fi story by Susanne Beck, which is still being written. Sue's story is not online at present, but I will link as soon as it becomes available. The story is called Cain Rose Up It can be read on her yahoogroup Yahoo Group Enjoy

13th March ...Can't have one without the other. Blonde Beauty Enjoy

1st March ...A new wallpaper at long last. It's been a while since I have done one, so without further ado...Classic Beauty Enjoy

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